Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter In Your Home town

His head was shaved, down to a short layer of fuzz that covered his head slightly. He often ran his hand over it, in his heart missing the long mop of brown hair that he let grow out through his youth. The cold air used to run over his face in the winter but never penetrate his locks, thickly layered and greasy. Outside at this moment, he felt slightly naked as a november chill ran over his skull. He shivered and pulled himself further into his wool jacket. He reached into his back pocket and grabbed a ski mask, tucking both his gloved hands into it. His work boots made heavy contact with the deeply packed snow. Crunching crisp and hard, like a child with a mouthful of pop rocks.
He smiled briefly as he summoned a child hood memory of summer. Outside the same store he was approaching now, with a girl whom he had convinced himself he loved. He could feel the ache in his heart and the sun on his skin for a few moments but then nothing. The feeling gone like smoke rings into the cold winter air. His heavy coat and insulated work jeans moved around his skinny body, letting small glances of cold air through badly designed cracks and holes as they shifted as he walked. He moved in a style he learned to minimize this. Down the street, past the church, past the school, his path an exact replica of the past months. Since he had got the job.
He squinted through the distance, the air stinging his eyes with an abrasive ache. He made out a small figure on down the street, distorted by the heat waves radiating from the hood of an idling car, waiting patiently for its owner. By in by it turned into a outline of human, then a girl, then a woman, then a woman that he knew. Eva, known since childhood, histories intertwined. Circles of friends, once inseparable through there cohesion at different points, now separate never to be rejoined.
They both spent small moments pretending to just barely being able to make each other out, from there marks of maturation and adulthood. She was still pretty and he was still tired.
"Hows things? What are you doing now?"
He smiled, constructing easy lies, that he knew he wouldn't have the guts to tell.
"Construction, what have you been up to?"

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